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Real Estate

Many topics fall under Real Estate Transactions. While no one can provide all services, Lee & Ki specializes in following areas:
  • Commercial Lease Negotiation and Review
  • Commercial Landlord and Tenant Disputes
  • Residential Mortgage Lending issues from compliance, rate/pricing issues to consumer credit.
  • Sale and Purchase Settlement services
  • Dispute Resolutions
There is one common denominator to any real estate transactions: it's always about a long term investment. On the surface, real estate matters seem transactional, marked by a settlement. This is the furthest from the truth. Settlement is the beginning of ownership and start of financing terms. At Lee & Ki, knowing the fundamental issues with any real estate transaction, we are able to assist either the seller or the purchaser and the brokerage firms involved. As real estate involves financing, we are able to represent all parties from lender to broker to the borrower.