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Intak Lee

Intak Lee  is the founder of the firm, providing strategic advice and transactional legal guidance.  If anyone had to describe Mr. Lee’s legal expertise in a nutshell, he would be foremost a trial attorney – jury or bench.  “Only in America,” Mr. Lee would state, “can a no name individual stand up to the government or a large corporation and win.”  It should be noted that Mr. Lee attended law school, evening classes, in his 40s.  Since becoming an attorney, he tried 100s of cases – both civil and criminal - from murder and bribing IRS agent to DUI.

When Mr. Lee decided to attend law school at 40 years of age, he has had tremendous life’s experiences from being an army officer with the Republic of Korea in the early 60s, running an international business between Korea and Hong Kong in the late 60s to immigrating to U. S. with his family, starting his own business in the 70s when he was about 35 years old.  About 6 years after immigrating to U. S., against the advice of Law School Dean who informed Mr. Lee that he is wasting his time, attending law school late in his life only being in the U. S. less than 10 years, Mr. Lee gave a compelling argument for admission (which was a simple question:  “since I have met all the law school admission standards, what have you got to lose by admitting me?”)  While holding down a full time job as a Parts Dept. Manager for Alban Tractor Company, a Caterpillar dealer, Mr. Lee attended University of Baltimore Law School, evening classes, graduating in 1981 with J.D., passing the bar the following year to be the first Korean descent attorney in Maryland.

As demonstrated throughout Mr. Lee’s life, adversaries and obstacles are not a determent.  As he often states, “kite flies highest against the wind.”  Mr. Lee being the first Korean descendant attorney in Maryland, uniquely fluent bilingual in English and Korean, he was offered substantial positions at various law firms.  However, Mr. Lee declined such offers, instead following his passion to represent Korean community as only a Korea raised Korean attorney could understand how to without any concern for special interests of any large firm.

Mr. Lee authored a book, East and West in 1992, introducing the differences of Western legal concepts with that of the East.  The East and West is still widely read among the Korean jurists including the judges and justices of the Korean Supreme Court. 

Mr. Lee lectures in the universities and the law institute in Korea on an ad hoc basis.      

Mr. Lee publishes weekly articles in Korea Times on contemporary legal issues.