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Labor & Employment Law

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Employers whose employees have chosen union representation, or are thinking about it, venture into an area that is highly regulated by the government. Our practice is service-oriented and designed to help our clients navigate through the maze of laws and rules that apply to their dealings with unions. Mistakes, even innocent mistakes, made in labor-management relations can result in government sanctions and other adverse consequences that are otherwise avoidable with the right advice and representation.

Our lawyers assist employers in all aspects of labor relations. We negotiate labor agreements that help employers accomplish their bargaining objectives while striving to maintain positive employee relations. We represent employers in arbitration cases when union grievances are not resolved. We represent employers in National Labor Relations Board cases when unions, employees, or the government charge them with committing unfair labor practices. We also help employers facing election campaigns in which their employees decide whether to vote for or against union representation, and even when employees are voting on whether to decertify an incumbent union.