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International Trade ~ M&A ~

Lee & Ki provides comprehensive legal services relating to domestic and international business transactions, including M&A, address legal issues arising out of such transaction. Lee & Ki represents entire spectrum of legal and business issues that affect clients' operations in this ever-changing market-both domestic and international. Drawing on the expertise accumulated through first hand experience, Lee & Ki takes pride in having provided the finest service toward the successful conclusion, improving the business bottom line of its clients.

Lee & Ki has the specialized experiences developed over the years in its successful handling of diverse transactions and the ability to assign right person to effectively address client's needs, particularly satisfying client's long term, financial goals.

Services relating to International Trade and M&A transactions are categorized as follows:

  • Legal and Regulatory analysis, including securities laws and fair trade laws.
  • Comparative analysis of various structures of M&A transactions, and recommendations thereof Providing advice on bids and investment proposals.
  • Providing advice on memorandum of understanding and terms of investment.
  • Due diligence review on target company and legal analysis on the results of such review.
  • Review of, application for and advice on the necessary government approvals.
  • Review of transaction structure in terms of financing, drafting and negotiation of financing documentation.
  • Resolution of disputes through litigation or arbitration.
  • Undertaking of matters required for performance of the relevant agreements and follow-up measures.