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Commercial Litigation

In commercial litigation the old adage of "an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure" is the key. Litigation can easily become a huge financial burden. Ideally preventive measures should be in place. At times with best of intentions, an agreement should have "exit strategy" already in the agreement.

However if preventive measures - i.e., exit strategy - are not in place and a legal battle cannot be avoided, we have experience attorneys to assist.

The style and type of negotiations in business vary from an individual-to-individual. Even though you are very experienced and have the expertise in the particular areas of your negotiations, you may think you do not need an attorney.

What we provide are fresh, objective look at a particular situation, preserving your legal rights. More importantly Service Level Agreement is built-in to your negotiations, including exit strategy.

A simple fact is that legal expenses should be seen as an INVESTMENT with a tremendous ROI ("Return On Investment"). At Lee & Ki, we are very mindful of the ROI, not just in any particular case-by-case dispute, but in the overall relationship.

If a "fight" is imminent, where you have been sued or must sue immediately to protect your rights and safeguard options, we are ready to put our gloves on and enter the ring. We know at Lee & Ki that swift resolution is the key. Maintain the momentum and move swiftly for a knock out.

Some of our litigators have extensive experience in emergency pre-trial measures, where 'short fuse' preparation is critical, such as:

  • Injunctions
  • Restraining orders
  • Pre-judgment attachments and liens
  • Receiverships in complex commercial and real-estate services
At Lee & Ki, our experienced trial attorneys who knows how to present client's case before a judge in a court of law, will effectively protect your rights.