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Appellate Law

Lee & Ki has substantial state and federal appellate practice. Was have have prepared of appellate briefs and certiorari petitions (or answers) Lee and Ki addresses appeals in which the firm did not serve as trial counsel. Before accepting an appeal, Lee & Ki will review the trial record and provide an opinion as to whether the case can be successfully appealed, that is, whether the outcome of the case as decided at the trial level is likely to be reversed or cost-effectively improved on appeal.

Lee & Ki also addresses defense of an appeal filed in state and federal courts throughout the nation.

The Firm handles appeals as of right (including direct appeals from a state administrative agency to a state circuit court, from a state District Court to a state Circuit Court, from a state Circuit Court to the Court of Special Appeals of Maryland, and from a federal District Court to a federal Circuit Court of Appeals).

The Firm also handles discretionary appeals (Applications for Leave to Appeal from a State Circuit Court to the Court of Special Appeals, Petitions for Writs of Certiorari from the Court of Special Appeals to the Court of Appeals of Maryland, and Petitions for Writs of Certiorari (and Briefs in Opposition) from a state or federal appellate court to the United States Supreme Court..